About Outreach Productions

Outreach Productions, providing professional audio and digital video service that meets the high standards of network broadcasters.  With years of experience in broadcasting, live recording, ENG shooting, talking head shows, news, plays, and other multimedia outlets, Outreach Productions offers a range of skills, services and training for perspective clients.  While anyone can produce a multimedia product, itís the power of our creative team here at Outreach Productions that will make your concept a successful reality . . . a reality even you may have never perceived.

Outreach Productions is one of the premier full-service digital video productions and post productions facilities on the East Coast.  Located in the Washington, D.C. area, Outreach Productions employs a creative and technical team of professionals. Established in 1996, Outreach Productions has provided professional and high quality audio and digital video services for a host of clients.  Outreach Productions is truly one of the few facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region that can produce projects from conception through completion.

Services Offered:

And much more.  For more information call Outreach Productions @ 240-838-0727.